Maldivian Heaven 

If you’re looking for paradise I can make your job easier and point you in the right direction. This past week my family and I were lucky enough the experience the pure magic that is the Four Seasons Maldives on the island of Kuda Huraa. This is one of the two resorts that the world renowned Four Seasons chains has in the Maldives. Being our first time in the Maldives I had done quite enough Pinterest stalking to get an idea of what I was about to embark on, but beginning from the very moment that I stepped off that plane I was completely blown away and all my expectations had instantly been exceeded. We were welcomed with a name sign and were whisked into a car which drove us a whole of 5 metres and then transported into the presidential suite while the FS staff collected our bags and sorted out our passports (I’m guessing this is what it feels like to be Beyoncé and Jay Z for a second). We then hopped on a luxury yacht which took us to the resort.

Welcomed by a traditional song and dance and lots of smiling faces, we reach the resort and my mouth hit the floor, I was in such awe of the beauty. I pretty much dragged my jaw along the ground for the rest of the trip because I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The water is the most perfect turquoise colouring and matched with white sand and tropical fish (and some super friendly baby reef sharks), it’s hard to believe it’s real. Our cabana included its own private pool, and beach side access fit for for a queen. With golf carts at your beck and call you don’t even need to take a step if you don’t want to, but you can get around the island in 5 minutes by foot.

The island is equipped with four restaurants. The Indian is rated one of the top 150 restaurants in the world (having sampled it I definitely agree) and the Italian one is also up there. For breakfast there is a smorgasbord of whatever your heart desires, with a buffet room and all types of cuisines to satisfy everyone that walks in.

The resort is not just beautiful on the outside, they also care about the rehabilitation of the reef and are have many projects underway to do their part. Structures for coral regrowth to help with the coral bleaching makes for a perfect snorkelling experience, and a turtle rehabilitation centre where troubled turtles are collected and looked after until they are in an ideal healthy state and then they are released.

Here’s my favourite part… Spa island!! Yes, the spa has a whole island dedicated to it. Picked up from the dock in a cute wooden boat you cruise over and enter absolute heaven. Each treatment room is on stilts over water with a private dressing room that includes a sauna and tiled bath to get ready in. There is even a glass rectangle in the floor which is placed under the hole for your head in the massage table so you can look at the ocean while receiving your treatment.

With several amazing surfing spots (from what I hear) closely located to the resort, it’s the perfect place to travel with a surfing partner, so he/she won’t be too hard to convince to accompany you to Paradise.
The pictures tell this story for themselves. The perfect honeymoon destination, or a “just because” holiday if you have to cash to splash. Do yourself a favour, put this on your list. Definitely one of People Places Plates dreamy destinations!

Rebecca Jobson

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