PEOPLE: Ronnie Flynn

The man… The myth… The legend. If you have ever been lucky enough to be graced with this beautiful man’s presence then you have most likely had the best night of your life with him. A young chap on the quest for adventure, Ronnie went to take a bite of the big apple and ended up eating a whole orchid. Calling New York his home, he talks to us about how he stumbled into his life and found himself managing NYC’s most established and exclusive celebrity hot spots.




OK, so lets get this right… You get paid to party? And not just boring old shindigs on the weekends, you get paid to party with the biggest Celebs in the world! Tell us the story about how you ended up with this as your day job?

Wow, this is a long and detailed story. The short version is that I had just finished a fashion design course in Sydney and couldnt shake the idea of NYC floating in my head.
I managed to be invited on a small skate/surf tour in NYC for a week with some of my best mates. So I packed my newly sampled clothing label into a spare suitcase with a misson to meet as many people as I could in New York. When the tour crew left, I hung around and basically became a homeless “yes man” stranded in New York, which led to finding myself in some very very interesting scenarios (saving them for a book, haha). All of this socializing and being out n about led to being invited to host some parties and then onto becoming marketing director for a nightclub and restaurant downtown NYC.
Since then I have built a career as a Creative Marketing Director, building all sorts of brands, mainly in Nightlife and Hospitality. Most recently opening Up&Down nightclub, NeverNever and about to open my new restaurant & bar ‘The Flower Shop’ in Chinatown.


Rihanna at Up & Down NYC

At what point did you figure out that this was the job for you?

It found me…

Most starstruck moment was when..?

I think I am more starstruck by meeting certain artists, designers, directors or well respected surfers etc.

But there was a time when I ended up at a bar with Bill Murray. We invited him for a beer back at our place. He insisted that we all go and buy all the long neck beers (40s) from a deli on the way and we ended up after partying with him all night with a little crew, singing, dancing and laughing the night away.

Then there was the time we ended up back there again with Axel Rose and all sang along to November Rain while he played piano. Hahaha ……..

How did you adapt to moving your life to the US?

In some ways its been organic, but really it’s a process. I have had many work Visas. As far as lifestyle adapting. I try to get ‘out’ as often as I can, whether its to surf, or fishing or trips to Cali and Texas etc. I miss Australia everyday I am here, but there are some ways of getting ya fix over here. I also have a car, which is rare here.. Its my chariot of freedom!

Have you ever second guessed your nocturnal lifestyle and wanted to pack your bags and run home to the homeland?


Whats your favourite New York hot spot to eat at?

The Flower Shop @theflowershopnyc
There are also some spots I love that I like to think should stay somewhat secrets… Ill text ya! haha

Best holiday spot?

Coming home is the best. Hands down

What advice would you have given to yourself 10 years ago?

Choose your battles wisely

Where do you see yourself in 10 year from now?

Near a beach with a beautiful lady, surrounded by a squad of groms, my best mates, a BBQ, sun and a giant hammock, with a handful of successful hospitality and creative projects that allow me to keep travelling and working with rad people. You coming?


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