Rad Dad’s

In honour of fathers day i’d like to write a little piece of celebrate all things weird and wonderful about the dads and the amazing roles they play in the lives of our children.

I catch up with some of my favourite ladies and ask them about a special moment between their child and their baby daddy that they hold close to their heart and why he is a rad dad.

(prepare for some heart warming moments below!!)

For me, seeing Taj transition into fatherhood was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever witnessed. It’s hard to beat that first ever encounter between your child and the person you love. A tiny little human that you love more than anything else in the world, in the arms of your heart and soul, with you both just wondering what the hell just happened. Its also the small things that really seem to leave a mark in my memory. Seeing the look on Taj’s face when Bella says “Hello daddy” or the way he reads her a book at night before bed. It really is the best thing in the world.

One moment that is etched so deep in my memory is from a winters day when Bella was around 9 months old. It’s so hard to get out and about when you have a baby and it’s freezing and miserable outside, but we managed to get the first bit of sun that we had seen in a while. Taj got Bella dressed like a little eskimo in 5 layers of clothing, and packed us in the car to go on a little adventure. We went to a little secret lookout that he knew of and that Bella and I had never been to. He took Bella out of the car and said “no more Peppa Pig. Why would you stare at the screen when you have this view at your fingertips. No more screen time were going to go on adventures”. Its such a beautiful thing to see your man teach your kid things about their passions, and adventures around our home town are something he loves more than anything in the world.

Nikki Phillips
TV/Media Personality

The day our son (Jett) was born holds such a special place in my heart, it’s a memory I will treasure forever. Not only was it the day we met our miracle, but the day I saw my husband become a father. After many difficulties trying to conceive and the personal toll it took on us for so many years, the day was finally here that we got to meet our healthy baby boy. Watching him come into the world and watching my husbands face light up with love the instant he held him, made my heart skip a beat. I have never felt such profound and deep love. The instant bond they shared within that moment was so amazing and special,  it will forever remain a favourite memory for me.

FullSizeRender 2

Kelly Muller
Director at Kelly Muller Consulting
@kelly muller__

There are so many memorable moments between my husband and my daughter. He has adored her from the moment she was born and for the better part of her two years, he has definitely been her favourite. I used to document Saturdays with the two of them (but I stopped once Sunny turned one as getting her to sit still was near impossible) and every photo here makes me feel all the feels. His strength and support when I gave birth to her, his tears when she was born, his steadfastness every time I felt I was drowning and the love he gives her on the daily are all such powerful memories for me. But a moment that is engrained in my heart is from our wedding day. Sunny was only six months old. She was thrown into a really busy day surrounded by 100 family members and friends who all wanted a piece of her. She was sitting in the front row with her great grandmother while we said our vows and once we were declared husband and wife, Josh went to grab her so we could walk back down the aisle as a family. She looked up at him and held her arms out for him to pick her up. It doesn’t matter how many times I look back at this photo, there is always a tear in my eye! The bond between them is insane.


Belinda Bartholomew-Walsh
Director of Scrunchieo

Picking Olive up from daycare one afternoon I walked in to see her dressed in stockings as actual pants, she had spent the entire day wearing opaque stockings with shoes and a tshirt. I could not stop laughing, when I asked aidan what happened he said ‘I thought they were tights with feet in them.’

God bless him though because even with a permanently broken thumb he tries his very hardest each daycare drop off to match her hair bow to her outfit…even if her outfit is stockings as pants!

Seeing Aidan be such a masculine man try his hardest to dress a tiny little Olive in matching outfits just melts my heart every time.


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