Breast is Best but its not the only option..

What women need more of is support for whichever situation they may end up in. I know personally before I had Bella I had all these plans of exactly how things were going to play out. In terms of vaccination, breastfeeding, sleeping patterns, you name it I thought i had it all figured out and then my divine little miss came along and thats when I realised that all those perfect plans were going to go out the door and she would be determining how things would go.

See it’s not only our children’s behaviour that we have to adapt to, its our bodies too. Sometimes they just don’t cooperate with our visions. I know so many mothers who would give anything to be able to breastfeed but their body just wasn’t allowing it. I think its so horrible that these mothers are made to feel like failures because its something that is beyond their control.

We hear a beautifully honest recall of Lyndsey Pearson’s breastfeeding experience.



“I’ve been reading about a lot of different mothers’ breastfeeding experiences lately, particularly around National Breastfeeding Week. When I was pregnant with Kelly I was adamant I would breastfeed him for as long as he needed. But I struggled with my milk supply. A lot. We had his tongue and upper lip ties lasered (so traumatic). I tried lactation cookies, fenugreek, motillium. Nothing worked. I would get up often during the night to express and try to build up a stockpile of breast milk for the next day. But it was never enough. Kelly wasn’t putting on weight and his skin was saggy on his little frame. I eventually relinquished my role as his source of nourishment and started him on an organic formula. He put on weight and two years later he’s so strong and healthy. But I’ve always felt like a failure. New mothers have it drummed into them that “breast is best”, and I wanted to honour that so badly, but my body wouldn’t allow it. I know it’s important that mothers are aware of the benefits of breast milk versus formula, but I believe it’s equally as important that the mothers who struggle receive support and understanding.”


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