Mum’s hair just got a new best friend.

Last week i had the absolute pleasure of visiting Prema hair salon in Surry Hills to receive the Goldwell Kerasilk De Frizz treatment.

Goldwell launched this product in August and I think its going to be the busy girls new best friend. It is an in-salon treatment and takes only one hour (or a tiny bit more if you have thick horse hair like mine) to complete. Now since being a mum, having an hour away and getting the royal treatment by having your hair done is one of the things i look forward to most, the girls at Prema did the best job of looking after me!

All thats involved is a wash, then a non chemical treatment is left in your hair for 15 minutes then a blow dry and straighten. The fact that this is a non chemical treatment which controls frizz and beautifies the natural shape of your natural hair for 6 weeks was the biggest drawcard for me. I don’t have time to deal with frizz on a daily basis, and i don’t have time to be attending the hair salon as much as i’d like to. But i also don’t want to commit to putting a chemical treatment in my hair and risk losing the natural curl that I have.

I’d highly recommend this to anyone, especially mums or anyone on a limited time schedule! I’ll be doing a follow up blog post to show you the results in 6 weeks.






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