Instagram Vs Reality

2018 really scares me. The world seems to be this weird place right now, and I feel like it never used to bother me so much but now that I have brought a little girl into the world, the way I see the world right now and the path that humanity is setting for her future really petrifies me.

People are harsh. People are judging. The internet has created a weird community of keyboard warriors and a whole new movement of bullies and online bullying. People hiding behind their phones/computers and typing the most terrible things because they are so miserable about their own lives that for some reason they need to reflect that horrible feeling upon someone else.

I see it all the time, people feeling the need to post negative comments for no good reason. Look, i’m no angel, to be completely honest people annoy the shit out of me. Do they have different taste to me? Yes. Do they have different opinions to me that I don’t agree with? Yes. Do I feel the need to oppose their opinions and make them feel bad about themselves? No i don’t, and I don’t really understand why so many people think they need to do this. I sit here right now listening to Offline the Podcast by the ever so lovely Alison Rice and the topic is about negativity online and how people these days feel like they need to defend theirselves on their own channels. To me this is crazy. People are made to feel uncomfortable in their own space. No one is forcing anyone else to follow someone and then to go out of their way to post negative comments on their posts. How hard would it be to just unfollow someone who you don’t like, or simply scroll past without leaving your negative comment? What do people get such a rise out of putting someone else down?

The thing I actually find the worst part about our modern day, is the benchmark that people think that they have to reach. Just look at the role models are out there at the moment. The Hadid’s, the Kardashians etc etc. I have nothing against them and a praise them for working so hard to get where they are (and yes I think they are insanely beautiful), but the fact that normal every day people are comparing themselves to these very very unrealistic lifestyles, is so unhealthy and so disheartening. All you have to do is look at before and after pictures of these people. The obvious amounts of plastic surgery, the amount of money that is spent on clothing, stylists, hair and make up , photographers, editing, all of the above. People are putting themselves in credit debt and not affording to buy houses because they are spending money on Gucci bags and luxury items. Once again, don’t get me wrong, luxury items are beautiful. Drench me in them, I would love to have them, but I think that what people are sacrificing just to have these possessions to show off to others is absurd. You know what? I do not have one designer bag and my life is still very happy. PLOT TWIST. You can be truely happy without a designer bag. WHO KNEW..?

I find myself in my current state the most content I have ever been. Content is a word that used to scare me. I used to associate it with, settling, boredom, plateauing through life. Now I’m the complete opposite. Contentment is my most desired state. Being so pleased with the things that surround me, and not having the want or need to change anything or desire to get new possessions to fulfil that happiness. I am here already in my most happy state with simple happy things around me. Of course I still look to further myself as a person, to accomplish new goals, to reach new heights, to see new things, of course. I am not going to sit here and not progress, but I am happy and I can truely say that. Never in my life have I been so happy to stay in and watch Netflix. I guess it’s obvious that it has to do with meeting someone you love, but I think its also about growing up and being happy within yourself as well. The fear of missing out on a social event has gone and I am simply enjoying slow living.

I find it so exhausting that everything is such a show these days. The events that I see on Instagram, actually let me re-phrase that, I want to call them “events” because they are so blown out of proportion from the actual events that are occurring. So many baby showers that look like extravagant weddings. With florals, balloon installations, cakes, neon signs, the whole kit and caboodle. Look I love a celebration, trust me if anyone loves a celebration its me, but the exuberant nature of these events is staring to look ridiculous.  Then before you know other people that are seeing these things on Instagram feel the need that they need to go to these crazy lengths to celebrate as well. I know what the behind the scenes would look like at these events, too many people trying to get “the shot” and spending the day editing their gram pictures and not even enjoying each others company.

I get asked a lot if I was scared leaving the busy city life of being in the thick of Bondi for years and moving to a quiet sleepy coastal town. It never even took a second thought, it’s the best decision I have ever made. I think there is definitely a time and a place for everything in your life, and this was divine timing. Following my heart, starting a family, I couldn’t think of anywhere better to do so. Cooking dinner at home every night, watching the sunset over the most pristine west coast beaches, going to the beach and not having another single sole near you. That to me is paradise! Its a breath of fresh air being around real people, that truely treasure your friendship. I guess this is growing up.

People are very fixated right now on the whole Instagram Vs Reality thing. I think that most of us are educated enough to know that Instagram was made to be a platform to curate your own world with the use of filters and not real time imagery. My page is definitely filtered. I don’t think it is for the better though to make my life seem any better than it really is. My page is missing the moments I treasure most. The quiet moments in bed with my family, Sunday breakfasts, leaving my e-mails aside for a while to spend time running on the grass or jumping on the trampoline with my kid. These are the moments that actually matter, and if I spent all of my time documenting these i would
a) Probably be single because every time i’d try and film a cute moment between me and my love he would roll his eyes at me, and i’m sure we’d both wonder why there was some reason I felt i needed to prove our love to the public
b) I’d miss actual moments because i’s be so busy trying to document things that you miss the little moments in between
C) Bore the shit out of any of my followers. I mean how many times can you watch someone playing duck duck goose with their kid before getting bored of it. I’m sure I already do this enough as is.

Be nice to people.
Be nice to yourself.
Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.
Find your content place.

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